Friday, 14 October 2011



Thunder roared overhead like an angry wild beast as lightning flashed and raced across the sky. The briefest moment, it lit up the old manor and it's overgrown grounds.

The place must have been splendid some time ago and still had it's regal air, despite the peeling paint and the ivy growing up the walls uncontrollably. The trees in the garden, though large, were now quite dead and rain lashed against the ponds and broken fountains, breaking the surface of the dark waters. 

Ravens flocked into the eaves for shelter, cawing and complaining, tussling one another for a better spot. 

All the windows of the manor showed nothing but darkness save for one high in a tower. 

A dim, flickering, orange light glowed from within the room. The source was a spluttering candle, nearing the edge of its life. The light cast a huge shadow upon the wall of a man, bent over the desk. A heavy parchment lay before him as he dipped a black quill into the inkwell. Red wax bubbled away by his side. 

The man carefully signed a name at the bottom of the letter before flooding it slowly and slipping it into the envelope. He sealed the envelope with the hot red wax and pressed an insignia into it. Turning it around, he dipped the quill once more and wrote a single word on the front of the envelope. 


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